Single Place provides emotional healing for divorced, separated, in the process of divorce, single or widowed people.




It is sad, but the time has come to say “Good Bye” to the organization known as 'Single Place'.

We can no longer remain a viable, contributing part of Mission Outreach. Numerous outside factors contribute to this painful decision which has been made by the Single Place Council members.


We would like to thank the entire staff at First Presbyterian Church of Northville for their always cheerful, helpful and constant support anytime we needed it. The weekly use of Boll Hall on most Thursday evenings, the occasional use of the kitchen facilities and office resources are also greatly appreciated. These things all helped to make our group successful for so many years.


As an organization, we have always strived to give back in many different ways: - To some of our members who needed comfort & emotional support. - To enriching our lives with spiritual inspirational support. - To providing social gatherings on weekends for entertainment & relaxation. - And of most importantly- developing new friendships to enrich and improve our lives.       


We take great pride in knowing that over the years; we were able to purchase a new refrigerator (to replace the 'dying' old one) in the Boll Hall kitchenette, as well as replacing the much used outdoor charcoal grill. 


Even though he has not been an active part of Single Place since his retirement, we can NEVER forget all the wonderful work that the Rev. Jim Russell did as the founder of Single Place many years ago. He helped so very many people through their sad and trying times, whether it is from the death of a spouse or from a divorce, he was always there for them with comforting words and deeds. Many of us owe him our 'sanity'.  Thank you, Rev. Jim!


And thank you again, First Presbyterian Church, for all of your support throughout the years. 


The Single Place Council


Last Updated:  10/31/15

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