Single Place provides emotional healing for divorced, separated, in the process of divorce, single or widowed people.
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Please remember the church is a nut free zone. We have children attending church and preschool with life-threatening peanut allergies.

Anytime it becomes necessary close First Presbyterian Church, thus cancelling Single Place, we will do our best to announce the cancellation on local radio stations. However, there is no guarantee our closing will be announced. Therefore, it is recommended that you call First Presbyterian Church, 248-349-0911, before leaving home or work. Decisions should be made by 5:00pm that afternoon.

PLEASE NOTE: We are interested in hearing your ideas for Single Place Thursday evening topics as well as ideas for weekend activities. Do not hesitate to share you thoughts with any Single Place Council Member listed in the newsletter. Thank you.

Single Place Monthly Newsletter is a publication of the Single Ministry of First Presbyterian Church of Northville. You have 3 options to receive the newsletter.

     Option #1 Newsletter is available in pdf file format

     Option #2 You can have the newsletter mailed to you, click here to request this option

     Option #3 Use the link below to subscribe to our free monthly email newsletter.

Single Place Reminder

In order to help defray the cost of gasoline when car pooling, it has always been a Single Place custom for riders to offer the driver a mutually agreed upon donation, dependant upon miles driven, parking fees, etc. Thank you from all future drivers.

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